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Last Updated: Sep 24, 2018 12:00PM ADT
Relationship Science ("RelSci") is a technology platform that enables institutions to harness the power of their relationships to accelerate development success. In iWave, RelSci relationship data will help you understand who your prospect or donor is connected to and how they are connected.

How many records do you have in the RelSci Data?
There are over 7 million international influential people and organization records in the RelSci data set.

What are the definitions for the relationship strengths?
Strong is someone you have a regular and direct relationship with, like a family member or your boss.
Average is an acquaintance that you've interacted with, you might have their contact information but you might not communicate regularly or at all anymore.
Weak is someone you might loosely know, like someone you went to college with but didn't have an overlapping relationship outside of that, or your co-workers family members.

Where does the data come from in the profiles?
There are many sources used in creating the profiles. A lot are manually researched and collected. Public data feeds that are provided by the government and other free sources. There are some purchased vendor information to help enhance the bios on people. In the event that multiple sources have a profile on a person, they are ranked based on internal levels of data quality.

How often is the data updated?
The RelSci data is updated daily Monday - Friday. 

How reliable is the data in the profiles?
The reliability/accuracy of the data is somewhat hard to define. High profile people are very closely watched and regularly scrubbed for quality. The lesser known people have less resources devoted to them but there are hundreds of daily checks run to flag suspicious data for manual review. Profiles are routinely reviewed and refined.

What does the Relationship summary graph represent?
The relationship summary is a graph of the type of Industries/ Charities that your person is associated to through their connections. This number is based off of the Total number of RelSci Relationships.

What does Tenure Unconfirmed mean?
Tenure Unconfirmed in the RelSci database means that the dates that the person is associated with that organization is not confirmed. Meaning there are no dates in the profile, that show the time period which they worked with the company listed, or associated with the company listed.

How do I find my alumni in the RelSci Data?
To find Alumni in RelSci, click on the Alumni Tab, put in your Alma Mater and search. This will bring back results of people who have your college/ university listed in their record as being your alma mater.


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