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Last Updated: Oct 24, 2018 11:44AM ADT

VeriGift is iWave’s own database of charitable gift donations, recipients, and donors. It is the fastest growing and most up-to-date charitable giving database because of the innovative record extraction technology it uses to gather donation records.

Conducting Searches within VeriGift

The VeriGift donor  tab allows you to input a prospects’ name to find their giving history. Or you can be proactive and build a new list of donors based on geography, giving categories and more.

Searching donor name:
Simply enter the information in the ‘name’ field – depending on how common the name is, you may wish to narrow your search down using the other fields provided.

* Try different variations of the name if possible. For individuals – include middle initials, try searches with a spouses name. It is possible that your prospect donates under a foundation or trust they established.

To Build a List of Donors:
Select from the number of search options within the left navigation. ‘Donor type’, ‘recipient information’ and ‘gift information’ – just click on any of the criteria based on your search preference. Keep in mind the ‘location’ field is based where the recipient is, not necessarily where the donor is located.

Under the ‘recipient’ search tab, you can enter the name of the recipient to view their donors; Or build a list of recipients based on location and category.

The summary page below will include the ‘recipient name’, ‘gifts received’ (the number of donations we have for that recipient), and ‘location’.

Once you click on your preferred ‘recipient name’, you will be re-directed to their donor listing.

What sources are used to build the VeriGift dataset? 
VeriGift data is collected from publicly available customer, and staff submissions. The charitable gift records (donations) are available from internet-based sources that include annual reports, newsletters, donor rolls, etc.

Can the data be verified?
Yes, VeriGift stores the PDF document related to each charitable gift record which can be found in the ‘source’ column for each record. Each source is added to the database as it clears our quality control processes. Charitable gift records that currently do not contain a source record will contain a link to the recipient’s website for verification. In some instances, the original source may not be available as they have been removed or changed on the website(s) due to changes made by the organizations themselves. All sources saved as a PDF file will eventually be promoted and made available for viewing.

Does VeriGift contain specified and unspecified donation records?
Yes, VeriGift contains both specified and unspecified charitable gift records. Each nonprofit reports their donations in a different manner and this is reflected in the database. VeriGift’s extraction technologies place a priority on specified gift amounts, but submissions will include all extractable donation records when possible. Data is made available as it passes quality control assurances.

Can I export my results?
Yes, you can export entire searches or selected records from within a search as long as the number of exported records does not exceed 2000 records. Exports can be done in CSV (for a spreadsheet) PDF (for printing), and DOC (for importing to MSWORD, Open Office, etc).

What type of information is contained in each record?

• Donor Name
• Donor Type
• Gifts Given
• Gift Year
• Gift Type
• Gift Range (when available)

• Recipient Organization Name
• Recipient Organization City
• Recipient Organization State
• Recipient Organization ZIP Code
• Recipient Gifts Received
• Date Entered
• Source – Link to Annual Report and/or website where the data was found.

How do subscribers of iWave use VeriGift information?
VeriGift’s data is used in a number of ways by our subscribers. Some of these uses include: Determining the representational giving of a particular individual, corporation, or foundation. Estimating appropriate ask amounts for fundraisers, identifying possible affinities to particular causes and/or organizations, researching the giving histories of similar organizations and/or organizations that are in close proximity to identify potential new donors. Contribute to the creation of a prospect profile for directors of development, major gift officers, etc.

Can I search by donor and recipient in VeriGift?
VeriGift enables our subscribers to search by donor name while also allowing subscribers to create lists of donors or recipient organizations (i.e. +1 million dollar donors in Chicago, +10 million dollars recipients to Arts and Culture organizations). Whether you want to build a list of potential prospects or examine giving patterns to other organizations, you can examine both sides of the giving equation.


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